A note about Australian Shepherd size:

"The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a variety of Australian Shepherd by the Australian Shepherd Club of America.  ASCA considers such dogs to be a distinct and separate "breed" and will not accept them into its registry. 

Our bylaws state that ASCA's purpose is "To encourage members and breeders to accept one breed standard for the Australian Shepherd as approved by the Club as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds shall be judged."  It is the mission of this club and the mission of its members to preserve the breed rather than change it. "

There is no variety called "Standard", "Miniature" or "Toy" recognized in this breed.  If you are reading these terms on the internet, please understand that they actually have NOTHING to do with the Australian Shepherd breed. Research carefully when choosing a dog!  If you ask us if we breed "Standard Aussies", we will say, no....we breed AUSSIES.  Hope this helps sort out some of the misleading info which circulates online about our beloved Australian Shepherds.

Australian Shepherd Breed Info:

Please visit the Australian Shepherd Club of America for plenty of breed information! 

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