MJ's Twist N Shout STDsd

Rudy was out of my old Molly and sired by a farm dog that went back to some HT Black Bear. He was from the very first litter I ever raised and at the time I was young and naïve, had him neutered since I was made to feel that dog breeding was only for "other" people. Losing his mother taught me that what I had was incredibly difficult to replace and I soon found my passion as this loss drove me to study pedigrees and learn more on the working Australian Shepherd.

Rudy was once described by a clinician as having "angel wings on his back". He did. He was as honest as they come and could fetch anything for me. He was hard working yet had the most gentle of souls. This was the first dog that I ever trialed with ASCA. I can recall doing a started cattle course and since Rudy only had a fetch on him, there was just one way to get through the course. Obviously cattle don't fetch all that well, but I knew my dog could handle anything. I walked the course backwards and Rudy hit heels and controlled the heads so hard that my presence in front of the cattle was rather inviting for them! It was pretty sweet to get my first cattle leg on him that weekend and as the judge handed me the score sheets he said he had never seen anyone do that at a trial. We didn't have a lot of advanced commands, so we just followed the rules and did what we had done every day at home. He had so much stock savvy, and it was because I just allowed him to work and help out. He taught me so much!

This was a tough loss for me and I miss him everyday! RIP Rudy, you'll always be my number 1 dog!